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Natural ingredients for health food that are attracting attention, need to check the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety certification mark

Disclosure of safety, raw materials, and efficacy of dry foods on the Food Safety Nara website

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Health functional food certification mark such as Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. Photo courtesy of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

As ‘safety’ emerges as an important criterion for product selection on Food Safety Day (May 14), natural ingredients with fewer side effects and suitable for the human body are drawing attention in the health functional food (dry food) market.

According to the Korea Health Functional Food Association (Dry Food Association) on the 12th, in order to safely consume dry food, it is necessary to check whether the food and drug safety ministry (MFDS) health functional food certification mark is attached to the outside of the product.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety refers to ingredients whose functionality and safety have been verified as useful to the human body as “health functional food ingredients,” and discloses information on functional ingredients according to their efficacy by body part on the Food Safety Nara website.

Individually approved raw materials are raw materials whose functionality and safety have been individually recognized after researching and developing raw materials that did not exist before and submitting scientific basis data on functionality, safety, intake, etc. to the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

Individually approved raw materials are evaluated based on the results of animal tests and human application tests, so consumers can consume them with confidence. Precautions for intake are also disclosed, and functionality and safety are judged through periodic re-evaluation every 10 years. In this process, unsuitable raw materials may be subject to cancellation of accreditation or measures such as precautions for intake or change in daily intake.

“If you are considering health functional food, you need to pay attention to raw materials recognized as individually approved raw materials by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety,” said an official from the Dry Food Association. Boswellia extract was also individually recognized as a functional ingredient that helps improve joint and cartilage health.”

As for the above health-related raw materials, product launches are active as four raw materials have been individually recognized over the past three years. The peony extract complex (HT074) has been recognized for its functionality and safety, which can help stomach health by protecting the gastric mucosa.

An official from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety said, “Even in the case of health functional foods whose safety has been confirmed, adverse reactions may occur if overdosed or taken with medicines for treatment purposes, so it is necessary to consult with a specialist.” It is important to know if the functional material is suitable,” he emphasized.

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