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This is information provided by Hanpoong Pharmaceutical USA.

“Emperor’s health medicine” Hanpoong Pharmaceutical begins sales of Kyung-ok-ko and Northern California

▶ FDA registration approved*After official import and export customs clearance, special discount for the year-end and New Year holidays up to 15% cheaper

▶ Free shipping for purchases over $150

Cho Yoon-kyung, branch manager of Hanpoong USA and Hanpoong Kyung-ok-ko

Hanpoong Pharmaceutical's Kyung-ok-ko, known as one of the Emperor's three best health remedies, manufactured with 120 hours of effort and care by mixing the medicinal ingredients of fresh rehmannia, ginseng, bokryeong, and honey, has finally begun to be sold in Northern California for the first time in the Americas.

Cho Yoon-kyung, branch manager of Hanpoong USA, who met at the San Jose Mountain Lodge restaurant, said, “Honpoong Pharmaceutical, which boasts half a century of history, has become the first company in the Americas to sell Kyung-ok-ko in the San Jose area of Northern California.” Branch Manager Cho said that the Hanpoong USA branch had been preparing to open in 2021 and began sales in May 2023, but it was not yet widely known in the Korean community, and that it began full-scale promotional activities from the end of this year.

According to the first prescription of Heo Jun's Donguibogam Naejung, which was recognized as Korea's 7th Memory of the World by UNESCO, Kyung-ok-ko restores essence and water to even out vitality and vitality, rejuvenates the elderly, repairs all ischemia, and cures all kinds of diseases. In this way, Kyung-ok-ko is not that unfamiliar to us, but not many people have heard of Hanpoong Pharmaceutical, so we first asked for an explanation about Hanpoong Pharmaceutical.

Hanpoong Pharmaceutical is a pharmaceutical company specializing in herbal medicine that was founded in 1973 by the late Chairman Cho Pil-hyung with the goal of correct prescription and popularization of herbal medicine preparations. Over the past 50 years, Hanpoong Pharmaceutical has made ceaseless efforts to promote universal health for humanity, and the founder's two sons are currently running the company. He is said to be serving as CEO. Hanpoong Pharmaceutical contributes to total healthcare through the development and sales of herbal medicine preparations, as well as the development of health functional foods, development of natural products and improved new drugs, and development of functional materials. It is headquartered in Bangbae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul and has factories in three locations in Jeollabuk-do.

Governor Cho explained Hanpoong Kyung-ok-ko as follows: Kyung-ok-ko requires 120 hours of effort and sincerity by mixing four medicinal herbs, including raw rehmannia root, ginseng, bokryeong, and honey, boiling it in a double boiler for 72 hours over three days and nights, soaking it in water for 24 hours, cooling it, and then boiling it in a double boiler for another 24 hours. Kyung-ok-ko replenishes the body's essence and blood, strengthening physical strength and restoring weak organs. In particular, Governor Cho explained that it is a health tonic that can help recover from the aftereffects of Corona and Omicron by slowing children's growth, relieving fatigue, and strengthening digestive and respiratory functions. He explained that cisplatin, arginine, and valine, which act on anti-inflammatory and antioxidant control, which can be proven by modern science, help control blood sugar and blood pressure, and exercise performance. The combination of raw rehmannia root, ginseng, and Bokryeong neutralizes even recessive constitutions that ginseng does not suit, so even people who have difficulty taking ginseng can take it.

Governor Cho said, “Children who grow more slowly than their peers and do not eat well, test takers and engineers who concentrate for a long time, people who catch colds easily due to weak bronchial tubes, people who have many minor illnesses and dry skin due to weak immunity, improved concentration, endurance, etc. Hanpoong Kyung-ok-ko is recommended for people who want psychological stability, after illness, or who have a long-term cough and weak kidney function.

Director Cho certified that Hanpoong Kyung-ok-ko is a product that has passed the KGMP content and level, which is the strict inspection standard of the Food and Drug Administration, and said that all medicinal materials have completed the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety's hGMP quality inspection. In addition, the LA-based Bio Science Lab once again confirmed all ingredients, content, and stability, and is being provided to American consumers after receiving US FDA registration approval and formal import and export customs clearance.

There are two types of Kyung-ok-ko currently being sold: a 21-pack ($119) and a 60-pack ($330). You can initially take one pack per day on an empty stomach, and then increase the dosage to two packs per day.

Branch Manager Cho Yoon-kyung announced that as a special sale commemorating sales in the Americas and limited to the year-end and New Year holidays, a 10% discount will be offered when purchasing one item, and a 15% discount when purchasing two or more items. Additionally, in the Americas, shipping is free for purchases over $150. Anyone wishing to purchase Hanpoong Kyung-ok-ko can purchase it by calling Daum Branch Manager Yoon-kyung Cho or contacting him via email or website.

▲Contact: Youn Kyung Cho 707 595 0595/ Email


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