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What is joint bone health?

What is joint/bone health?

A joint is a joint between two bones surrounded by articular cartilage. In addition, bones are hard tissues in which calcium and phosphorus are calcified and play an important role in supporting and protecting the body. Healthy joints/bones are those in which articular cartilage is not lost and remains healthy, moving joints smoothly, and normal bone disassembly and remodeling occur.

Why is joint/bone health important?

Bone-related diseases such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis can occur when the balance of bone decomposition and remodeling is disturbed due to lack of calcium in the body or various external factors. Therefore, it is important to maintain joint/bone health.

What are the causes of joint/bone abnormalities?

Lack of calcium and protein, hormonal imbalance due to menopause, excess weight or reduced physical activity can cause joint/bone problems.

Habits such as overdosing on steroids, frequent intake of processed foods, or excessive smoking and drinking can put strain on joints/bones.

What's your daily routine for maintaining joint/bone health?

To maintain healthy joints/bones, you need to eat enough foods rich in calcium and vitamin D. Also, through regular exercise, joints/bones can maintain their function.

How do health functional foods related to joint/bone health help our bodies?

It can help bone health by supplying essential components to joints/bones.

Health functional food based on soybean isoflavones can improve bone function through the balance between bone resorption and bone formation. In addition, health functional foods made of mucopolysaccharide protein, glucosamine, and N-acetylglucosamine can improve joint and cartilage functions by increasing the synthesis of cartilage components and inhibiting cartilage matrix degradation. On the other hand, health functional foods made of green lipped mussel extract oil complex, fatty acid complex, and hop extract as raw materials can help reduce pain and improve joint function by suppressing the production of raw materials that cause inflammation in joints.

It can help joint health by influencing the inflammatory response.

Health functional foods based on complex extracts such as Green Lipped Mussel Extract Oil Complex/Univestin K Golden can help joint health by reducing the number of substances that cause inflammation in joints or cells that mainly produce them. .

What are the functional ingredients of health functional foods that help joint/bone health?

Click on a functional ingredient below to check product information containing functional ingredients.

Notified functional raw materials

NAG (N-Acetylglucosamine, N-Acetylglucosamine)


Soybean Isoflavone

Mucopolysaccharide. Protein

MSM (MSM, Methyl sulfonylmethane, Dimethylsulfone)


Individually approved functional raw materials

CMO-containing FAC (Fatty Acid Complex) (No. 2014-26) Cassia cinnamon sucrose complex extract (No. 2013-14) Complex extracts such as Sacred ginseng (No. 2011-28) Complex extracts such as Sacred ginseng (No. 2013-25) Gaza extract (AyuFlexⓇ) (No. 2022-12) Turmeric extract (Turmacin) (No. 2014-2) Gujeolcho extract (No. 2021-12) Crow indigo plant extract (No. 2015-22) Crow apricot Tree fruit spirit extract (No. 2015-23) Chicken breast cartilage powder (UC-II) (No. 2014-39) Rosehip powder (No. 2012-27) Rosehip powder (No. 2013-18) Rosehip powder (No. 2013 -1) Rosehip powder (No. 2014-17) Fermented hyssul complex (No. 2020-12) Boswellia extract (No. 2014-23) Boswellia extract (SERRATRIN) (No. 2022-17) Boss Complex such as Wellia extract (Flexir) (No. 2021-9) Beeswax alcohol (No. 2010-1) Salmon milt extract (PRP salmon nucleic acid) (No. 2019-5) Complex such as hysul (HL-Joint100) (No. 2018-13) Milk protein extract (No. 2015-16) Low-molecular-weight collagen peptide (No. 2013-30) Jelly ginseng extract and other complexes (No. 2010-47) Jeon ginseng extract and other complexes (No. 2013-32) Fatty acid complex FAC ( Fatty Acid Complex) (No. 2012-16) Perilla root complex extract (New No. 2007-13) Angelica gigas extract powder (Nutragen) (No. 2014-44) Cheonsimryeon extract (ParActinⓇ) (No. 2022-3) )Green Lipped Mussel Extract Oil Complex (No. 2004-8) Chondroitin (No. 2020-1) Taheebo Extract (TabetriⓇ) (No. 2022-2) Hop Extract (No. 2009-25) Golden Back Complex (No. 2006 -3)

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