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These are the products sold by Hanpoong Pharmaceutical USA. 

Hanpoong Kyung-ok-ko is a product made by carefully steaming and maturing fresh rehmannia, bokryeong, ginseng, and honey for 120 hours according to the manufacturing method by Donguibogam.

We certify that the product has passed the KGMP content and level of the Food and Drug Administration, and we provide it to you after FDA approval and legal import and export customs clearance.

One of the Emperor's Three Great Herbal Medicines

“Kyung-ok-ko is Jeonggwa  Compare the numbers to even out the true energy and

It restores vitality, rejuvenates the old, heals all wasting symptoms, and cures all kinds of diseases.”

This is the first prescription of Heo Jun's Donguibogam Naegyeong, which was recognized as Korea's 7th Memory of the World by UNESCO.

Kyung-ok-ko requires 120 hours of effort and sincerity by mixing raw rehmannia root, ginseng, bokryeong, and honey in a double boiler for three days and nights, soaking for 24 hours, cooling, and then boiling in a double boiler for another 24 hours.

It replenishes the body's essence and blood, strengthening physical strength and restoring weak organs.

Poor growth in children  It is a health supplement that can help you recover from the aftereffects of Corona and Omicron by relieving fatigue and strengthening digestive and respiratory functions.

Cisplatin, arginine, and valine, which act as anti-inflammatory antioxidants that can be proven by modern science, help control blood sugar and blood pressure and exercise performance.

The combination of raw rehmannia root, ginseng, and Bokryeong even has a recessive constitution for which ginseng is not suitable. Since it is neutral, even people who have difficulty taking ginseng can take it.

#  For children who grow slower than their peers and do not eat well

#For test takers and engineers who concentrate for long periods of time

#For those who easily catch colds due to weak bronchial tubes

#For those with a weak immune system who are prone to minor illnesses and have dry skin

#For those who want improved concentration, endurance, and psychological stability

#After illness, when cough persists for a long time and kidney function is weak

Hanpoong Kyung-ok-ko, which replenishes energy, blood, and water, strengthens physical strength and restores weak organs, recharges the body's energy, makes you feel less tired, and replenishes lost energy.

Hanpoong Kyung-ok-ko 21 packets x 3 (May monthly promotion)

  • This item may be returned in its original condition for a full refund or replacement within 30 days of receipt. You may receive a partial or full refund on returns that are used, damaged, or materially different.

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