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These are the products sold by Hanpoong Pharmaceutical USA. 

Hanpoong Kyung-ok-ko is a product made by carefully ironing and aging raw ginseng, bokryeong, ginseng and honey for 120 hours according to the method of donguibogam.

We certify that the product has passed the KGMP content and level of the Food and Drug Administration, and we provide it to you through FDA approval and legal import/export customs clearance.

One of the three great medicines of the emperor

“Kyung-ok-ko improves the number of Jeonggwa to even out the energy

It restores vitality, rejuvenates the old, heals all vainness and cures all diseases.”

This is the first prescription for Donguibogam inside by Heo Jun, recognized as Korea 7th World Record Heritage by UNESCO.

Kyung-ok-ko requires 120 hours of effort and devotion to mix medicinal herbs of raw ginseng / ginseng / bokryeong / honey and bathe for 3 days and nights, soak for 24 hours, cool and then bathe again for 24 hours.

It replenishes the body&essence and qi blood to strengthen the body's strength and restore weak books.

It is a health supplement that can restore children's poor growth , recovery from fatigue, digestion, and respiration to recover the aftereffects of Corona and Omicron .

Cisplatin, arginine, valine, and cisplatin, arginine, and valine, which act as anti-inflammatory antioxidants that can be proven by modern science, help control blood sugar and blood pressure and exercise performance.

The combination of Saengjihwang, ginseng, and bokryeong can be used even by those who have difficulty taking ginseng because it is neutral to until the recessive constitution that ginseng does not fit.

# For children who grow slower than their peers and do not eat

#To students and engineers who concentrate their minds for a long time

#For those who are prone to colds due to weak bronchial tubes

#For those with weak immune system and dry skin

#For those who want to improve concentration, endurance, and psychological stability

#After illness, when coughing is prolonged and kidney function is weak

Hanpoong Kyung-ok-ko, which replenishes energy, blood, and water to strengthen stamina and restore weak books, Recharges the body vitality to reduce fatigue and replenish lost energy.

Hanpoong Kyung-ok-ko 30 packs

  • How do I exchange or return?

    1. Please check the details of the purchased product

    2. Please contact customer service and  707-595-0595 with your order number.

    3. After receipt, we will notify you individually and inform you of the refund procedure.

    What is the return shipping cost?

    1. The cost may vary depending on the reason for the return (misdelivery, product defect).

    2. For returns due to customer's simple change of mind,  round-trip shipping including the initial shipping fee is applied.

    3. There is no shipping charge for defective products or incorrect delivery.

    How long does it take to get a refund after returning it?

    - Refunds by credit card take about 7 business days.

    For refund related inquiries, please inform the customer center at   707-595-0595

    What is the return period?

    - Within 7 days of receiving the product.

    Can all products be exchanged or returned?

    - Returns are not possible in the following cases.

    1. Reasons for a significant decrease in product value due to customer use or partial consumption

    2. The reason why the product was damaged or lost due to reasons attributable to the customer

  • What is the shipping cost?

    - Free shipping on purchases over $150 before tax calculation $. Otherwise, we ship to $ 10.99 .

    Where can I find the delivery status?

    - As soon as the ordered product is shipped, we will notify you of the tracking number  by email cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ corresponding shipment We will connect you to the company.

    I want to change the shipping address, is it possible?

    You can change the product before it is shipped. Please contact the customer center.

    A different product from the order has arrived. How?

    Thank you for contacting the customer center.

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