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Hanpoong Nature Farm acquires 'HACCP' certification in Wanju-gun

Produce products that consumers can trust by ensuring safety

Reporter Lee Kwon-gu More articles written by reporter

Enter 2020.02.28 13:00 Edit 2020.02.28 13:01

Hanpoong Nature Farm (CEO Signing In-Sik, Cho Hyung-Kwon) acquired HACCP (HACCP) certification on February 26th.

HACCP refers to a preventive food safety management system to prevent harmful factors.

An official from Hanpoong Nature Farm said, "The establishment of the company-affiliated research institute (central research institute) was recognized in October last year, and the production plant and central research center are currently located in the general industrial complex of Wanju Techno Valley in Jeollabuk-do. We are working hard so that it can be recognized as an individually recognized health functional food ingredient.”

Hanpoong Nature Farm, established in 2010 as a subsidiary of Hanpoong Pharmaceutical, is a specialized health functional food manufacturer, producing OEM and ODM from companies such as Kwangdong Pharmaceutical, Ilyang Pharmaceutical, Ilhwa, and TGRN, and achieved total sales of KRW 25.9 billion in 2019.

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