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This is information provided by Hanpoong Pharmaceutical USA.

Kyung-ok-ko, anti-oxidation, neuroprotection, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory effect, no side effects

A literature review on the efficacy, effectiveness, and safety of Kyung-ok-ko was published in Medicine (IF=1.817), a SCIE-level journal, and became a hot topic.

This study was co-authored by Kim Ji-woo (4th year), a student at Wonkwang University's College of Oriental Medicine, and Adjunct Professor Geum-hye Keum, College of Oriental Medicine.

The research team analyzed a total of 54 clinical and experimental papers related to Kyung-ok-ko in detail about its effect, mechanism, safety, and constituent drugs.

As a result of analyzing 51 experimental papers, jadeitego is effective in antioxidant, neuroprotective, anticancer, and anti-inflammatory, and the results of analyzing 3 clinical papers are analyzed to be effective in treating wasting diseases and promoting health.

In addition, as a result of analyzing 8 experimental papers and 1 clinical paper, it was found that there was no toxicity or side effects caused by jadeitego.

This study is to overcome the limited use of Jadeitego in clinical practice due to the absence of research papers on clinical and experimental papers on Jadeitego. It attracted attention in that it prepared the basis for the possibility of being used as a therapeutic means.

Professor Lee Jeong-han said, “Through the research results, we have prepared a basis for patients to take 'Kyung-ok-ko', which is widely prescribed in oriental medicine hospitals and oriental clinics, with more peace of mind." It is expected that it will be able to increase.” / Source = Wonkwang University College of Oriental Medicine

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