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This is information provided by Hanpoong Pharmaceutical USA.

Special promotion commemorating the opening of Hanpoong Pharmaceutical’s American branch

Since 1973

You've waited a long time. “Hanpoong Pharmaceutical,” a pioneer in Korean herbal medicine, opened a branch in California to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

We hope to become a company that helps the health of Oriental medicine doctors and Koreans in the Americas, and we respectfully greet you with the news of our opening.

‘Hanpoong Pharmaceutical Kyung-ok-ko’ is of the highest quality and needs no explanation.

We sell it at a special price to American Oriental medicine doctors. (Please inquire for price)

“Implementing the Donguibogam manufacturing method with cutting-edge technology”

Hanpoong Kyung-ok-ko uses excellent raw materials recognized by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety of the Republic of Korea and thoroughly quality controls the properties, content, heavy metals, pesticides, etc., and only uses honey whose authenticity has been confirmed through carbon isotope measurement. At the JK BioScience Lab located in LA, all imported products, including Gyeongokgo, are verified from the ingredients of the raw materials to the content label, and are imported through formal import customs clearance procedures.

Hanpoong Pharmaceutical's product facilities are based on proven facilities certified by the U.S. FDA, USDA, KGMP, HACCP, and Canning systems, as well as the best technology in Korea.

Currently, we have prepared Kyung-ok-ko products in three packaging.

A variety of health food products will be introduced in the future. thank you

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