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The 15th Hanpoong Sangam Herbal Medicine Award, Professor Lee Sang-guk, Seoul College of Pharmacy

Reporter Noh Byung-cheol 2022-12-27 11:24:06

▲ From left, Lee Sang-guk, professor at Seoul Pharmacy University, Koh Ki-hyeon, marketing director at Hanpoong Pharmaceutical, and Lee Yun-sil, president of the Biological Society.

[Daily Farm=Reporter Byeongcheol Noh] Hanpoong Pharmaceutical (CEO Insik Jo, Hyungkwon Cho) announced on the 27th that Lee Sang-guk, a professor at the College of Pharmacy at Seoul National University, won the 15th Hanpoong Sangam Herbal Medicine Award.

The Hanpoong Sangam Herbal Medicine Award Ceremony, which was held at the ECC Theater at Ewha Womans University, was held on the 4th along with the 53rd regular general meeting/academic conference of the Korean Society of Pharmacology.

The Hanpoong Sangam Herbal Medicine Award was established in 2008 to honor the feat of the late Sangam (尙岩) Dr. Cho Pil-hyeong, the founder of Hanpoong Pharmaceutical, a pharmaceutical company specializing in herbal medicines, who developed the technology to granulate herbal preparations.

This award is given annually to researchers who have made outstanding research achievements in the field of herbal medicine and natural products and contributed to the scientificization of herbal medicine, and a plaque and research incentives (KRW 6 million) are provided.

Professor Lee Sang-guk is a regular member of the Korean Society of Pharmacy and has been attending conferences as president and auditor for several years, as well as publishing a number of papers as a lead author in the Journal of the Korean Society of Pharmacy and Natural Product Science.

Han Poong Pharmaceutical said, "We will continue to make efforts to encourage research that contributes to the scientification of herbal medicine and oriental medicine." said.

Until recently, Hanpoong Pharmaceutical invested 30 billion won to complete the construction of a new factory dedicated to general medicines CMO with an exclusive area of ​​2500 pyeong, and is producing about 10 types of consigned products such as multivitamins and Kyungokgo.

By acquiring BGMP, it cooperates with other companies to develop new drugs, and the supply of herbal raw materials for herbal medicines is also showing rapid growth.

It is engaged in oriental medicine health insurance single-mixture, over-the-counter medicines, health functional foods, oriental raw material medicines, and CMO business.

Recently, for the first time as a company specializing in oriental medicinal preparations, it challenged the production and sales of prescription medicines and started production and sales.

In particular, it produces and supplies over 110 over-the-counter products such as Hanpung Kyung Okgo, Good Morning S, Chirae, and Gongjindan to pharmacies.

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