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The brain inflammation control effect of Kyung-ok-ko has been scientifically identified

Song Hyeon-seok and Ahn Ji-young of Wonkwang University College of Oriental Medicine published a thesis in the ‘Journal of the Korean Society of Oriental Medicine’

Reporter Kang Hwan-woong

Registration 2022.12.15 08:27

Song Hyeon-seok (left) and Ahn Ji-young (right) of the College of Korean Medicine, Wonkwang University, published a research paper titled “Anti-inflammatory effect on BV2 microglia induced by LPS of Kyung-ok-ko” in the Journal of the Korean Society of Oriental Medicine.

The two students, who have been conducting research since last year to scientifically prove the excellence of herbal preparations, conducted research on immune regulation and inflammation improvement using Kyung-ok-ko from Wonkwang Korean Medicine Hospital.

In this study, it was confirmed that Kyeongokgo has an excellent inhibitory effect on nitric oxide and inflammatory cytokines that occur during microglial inflammation, and based on this, it was evaluated that the scientific basis for application to degenerative brain diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's was established.

Song Hyeon-seok and Ahn Ji-young said, “We obtained this result after two years of continuous research in the pharmacology laboratory of the College of Oriental Medicine along with practice at an oriental medicine hospital.” .

Meanwhile, Professor Park Seong-joo and Bae Gi-sang of the College of Oriental Medicine, who guided the research, said, “This is a meaningful result created by the passion of the students.”

Reporter Kang Hwan-woong

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