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There is a reason why people are looking for herbal medicine to eat when they are weak and weak

[JoongAng Ilbo Health Media] Input 2021.10.21 16:08

Reporter Jeong Shim-gyo

#154 Proven Effects of 5 Herbal Medicines Jadeitego (瓊玉膏), which is said to be good for rejuvenation, was first recorded in the book ‘Hong’s House Heombang’ by Hong Jun, a medical scientist in the Southern Song Dynasty of China. According to Hong's house heombang, the name Gyeongokgo came from a man named Gwakgi who took this medicine when he was seriously ill and was cured. In ‘Donguibogam’, about Gyeongokgo, “Eating Gyeongokgo rejuvenates the elderly, gets rid of various diseases, and fills and overflows the energy of the five organs. Gray hair turns black, missing teeth come back, and walking is like a galloping horse.”

How was Kyung-ok-ko proven in science? In January of this year, a study came out that jadeitego intake could be effective in improving menopausal symptoms in women. According to the Journal of the Korean Society of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, Professor Ryu Jong-hoon's research team at the College of Pharmacy at Kyunghee University artificially induced menopausal symptoms by resecting the ovaries of laboratory mice. Then, after administering Jadeokgo for 8 weeks, the depression improved. Menopause is a period in which ovarian function is gradually lost. As the secretion of estrogen, a female hormone, sharply decreases for 3 to 4 years before and after menopause, hot flashes, genital atrophy, urination disorder, osteoporosis, abnormal lipid metabolism, depression, memory loss, insomnia, and skin aging occur. The back appears as menopausal syndrome. In this study, the cognitive function of Kyeongokgo was also confirmed. The level of expression of estrogen receptors and brain-derived trophic factor (mBDNF) required for learning, memory, and thinking was confirmed in the hippocampus of rats. . The research team evaluated, "Kyungokgo is a drug that has already been clinically proven to be safe, but through this study, it is expected to be used as a treatment for menopausal syndrome."

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